MGS News: AWP (finally!), anthology update, and Cathy Day interview

Hey MGS fans! We know you’re out there because it was absolutely fantastic to meet so many of you at AWP Chicago back in March. In fact, we were pleasantly overwhelmed by how many showed up on that Saturday at 9am.


We have to thank Dan Chaon, Cathy Day, and Mike Czyzniejewski for being on the panel, reading their work, and being part of what turned out to be a fascinating conversation about Midwest Gothic. We had high hopes and it turned out even better than we could have imagined.


Add in the Q&A with the audience and we didn’t want the time to end. But we had to let the next panel into the room. We were lucky enough to continue the conversation with some of the audience at the book fair or as in one case at the Caribou Coffee around the corner. We’ve heard often from people that Midwest Gothic is what they write or what they like to read, but they didn’t know what to call it until finding the website or coming to the panel. This just makes it more exciting that all the Midwest Gothic fans, us included, were able to come together in one room and talk about something we love.

Speaking of things we love, we’re still hard at work on the MGS anthology, which will feature our three AWP panelists, among others. Stay tuned to the blog because we may have some exciting news in the next few weeks. It’s still too early to say anything more specific. However, as soon as we officially have news, you’ll hear it on the blog first.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out this Sleet Magazine interview with Cathy Day, where she talks, among other things, about Midwest Gothic. Here’s a little preview: “The Midwestern writers I love the most write about those moments when buried lives bubble up and assert themselves.”


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